Show Diary

DubFreeze 2008 - Sunday, February 17th, 2008

Well DubFreeze certainly lived up to its name, with the coldest Saturday night this winter so far. We came down on the Saturday to set up the Camper Shak display ready for the show on Sunday.

Along with another number of brave souls we stayed over in our camper on Saturday night and enjoyed temperatures of -7 degrees. Although we were nice and toasty in bed those first few steps around the camper first thing were a little cool.

Our dishcloth was frozen to the sink…but soon after we had the cooker on making a brew, and the camper started to warm up nicely.

It was lovely to meet up with so many people during the show and discuss your plans for your beloved campers. Apologies to anyone who we did not get the chance to talk too, as it was very busy at times.

Thank you to everyone for taking the time to come and see us….see you all next year same place… ideas, new designs……lets hope it’s a little warmer

Kind regards

Mike & Diane