Show Diary

Stanford Hall 2009 - Sunday, May 3rd, 2009

This was our first show at Stanford and what a teat, we have heard about the beautiful location for this Vdub event but both Di & myself were not expecting such a tranquil location.

The drive up to hall sets a fabulous backdrop for the trader stands at either side, and with the club areas dropping off toward the lake gave a fantastic place to camp over for the night.

We arrived on Saturday and after setting up we wandered round with Ben (our Fox Hound) to explore the grounds, everyone was so friendly and most people were barbecuing their evening meal in the sunshine.

It was lovely to meet everyone who called in to look at the Camper Shak & Creative Trimmings display, your comments were appreciated. Once again we have been set some design challenges, but with everything hand crafted within our workshop we should be able to match your expectations.

Many thanks to the Stanford Hall team for creating a fantastic experience for Diane, myself & Ben…….see you next year.